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Thanks for your input: September 2018 community feedback results

We look at the latest results from the community feedback survey, to find out what works for you, what doesn't, and how we can improve the experience of using

By aimee whitcroft
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open data implementation plan trello board screenshot

Open data implementation plan: looking back, looking forward

The Open Data NZ team is releasing two updates: one looking back over the last six months, and one looking at the next six.

By aimee whitcroft
Public lecture

Free public lecture | Decision-making: Human vs machine – register now

Register for a free public lecture by international algorithm ethics expert Lorena Jaume-Palasi (5 December, Auckland), co-sponsored by Stats NZ and AUT's Centre for Social Data Analytics. 

Video Rhonda

New videos explore 'Are data taonga?'

New videos by Stats NZ brings panellists together to examine and debate Māori perspectives about the way we collect, share, and use data. 


Image Newsletter

Datability - November 2018 issue available

Datability - Stats NZ's quarterly newsletter on the work being done to help government better manage data - is now available.

Image Dashboard3

Latest dashboard updates data direction

Stats NZ's data dashboard for Q1 2018/19 provides the latest snapshot of how their work across government supports their vision of enabling better outcomes for New Zealanders.

Algorithm report 2

Report provides valuable insights into algorithm use

A first-of-its-kind report provides valuable insights into the use of algorithms in government agencies.

Data Roadmap 5

Data Roadmap: setting the direction for New Zealand's data

The Data Strategy and Roadmap provides a shared direction and plan for New Zealand’s data by enabling organisations to work together to align their data initiatives.

Data image 4

Understanding data confidentiality

Organisations have different requirements for protecting data confidentiality, privacy, and security. A newly-released report documents best practice principles for technical experts and managers who supply and use data in New Zealand.

Stats Act

Statistics Act review - join the conversation

1975. The Corolla ruled, mix tapes were a ‘thing’ and the Stats Act became law. How things change! Actually… the legislation hardly has. It doesn’t even feature the word ‘data’. Far-out!

1 Summit collage

Data Summit'18 - it's a wrap!

More than 250 data warriors, policy peeps, and those from across government, NGOs, business, and academia who want to know more about data, gathered in Wellington to talk data ethics.

data govt nz blog

Open Data Maturity Dashboard

Our open data maturity dashboard aims to show progress in the final output of open data and tell the story of a growing maturity in the overall stewardship of New Zealand’s public data assets.

Data image 3

Makeover underway for

After 10 years dedicated service, is undergoing a transformation to ensure it’s got the right resources to build data management know-how as New Zealand heads into its digital future.

data govt nz blog

Help us improve - 2018 community feedback survey

Help improve by taking the 2018 community feedback survey.

data govt nz blog

Refreshing our navigation to help you find what you need is changing and updating our navigation to help you find things easier. Read about what we found from our user research.

data govt nz blog product update: Faster, more robust data APIs is rolling out new features to make the data APIs faster and more reliable.

Data Summit banner showing tagline and date / location details.

Data Summit'18 - secure your ticket!

For the first time, Stats NZ will host a 2-day summit on informed decision-making through the ethical use of data.

Dashboard vision of success2

Dashboard documents data direction

As the agency leading New Zealand’s data, Stats NZ’s quarterly dashboard profiles what we’re doing to support our role as the lead agency for New Zealand’s data.

Colleages on PC

Algorithm review underway to increase transparency and accountability

A cross-government review is underway to increase the transparency and accountability of how government uses algorithms – to help improve the lives of New Zealanders.

Image of the attendees of the workshop

Data visualisation workshop success!

Stats NZ hosted a series of 2-day Data Visualization workshops – in conjunction with the recent Open Data Meetups – in Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington and Dunedin.

data govt nz blog

We need your help - test a design option

Thanks to everyone who participated in the card sort. Three design options have been created based on your feedback, and now we need you to test to determine the final structure.

data govt nz blog

Open Government Data Dashboard

The Open Government Data Dashboard shows progress in the maturity of management and release of data across government.

data govt nz blog

Help influence the direction of is being reshaped to make it more useful – and we’d like your input.

Akl Meetup2

Come along to the Open Data Meetups – Wellington and Dunedin

Open Data Meetups in NZ are for sharing the passion and success around the release of open data with like-minded people.

services near me

Powering digital services from data API - Family Services Directory

Read about the work involved to make a machine readable version of the Family Services Directory available on and how it's being used to power other digital services.

By Pia Andrews
data govt nz blog

Open Data, Open Potential

Stats NZ and members of the open data community celebrated open data day by witnessing the Minister of Statistics and Government Chief Data Steward co-sign New Zealand’s Open Data Charter letter.

Flow diagram showing both concepts

Searching for more than datasets

We tested two concepts with a number of our users from the data community to extend the search so it includes results from both datasets and content. Read about our process and provide your feedback.