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  • Data Roadmap: setting the direction for New Zealand's data

    The draft Data Strategy and Roadmap provides a shared direction and plan for New Zealand’s data by enabling organisations to work together to align their data initiatives.

    By Claire Lord on 18 Oct 2018
  • Understanding data confidentiality

    Organisations have different requirements for protecting data confidentiality, privacy, and security. A newly-released report documents best practice principles for technical experts and managers who supply and use data in New Zealand.

    By Claire Lord on 17 Oct 2018
  • Statistics Act review - join the conversation

    1975. The Corolla ruled, mix tapes were a ‘thing’ and the Stats Act became law. How things change! Actually… the legislation hardly has. It doesn’t even feature the word ‘data’. Far-out!

    By Claire Lord on 5 Oct 2018