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Meetup: Sorting fact from fiction: open data myths, mysteries & misconceptions

16 June 2017

Where there's discussions about open data, there's usually some open data myths and misconceptions. The Open Data Institute's Ellen Broad tackles the open data myths in this Meetup.

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The Power of Stories

25 May 2017

Through stories, on the supply side, agencies get to understand the nature of demand for data and what people want to use data for and become more motivated to release their own data. On the demand side, the same stories can work to increase demand amongst potential data users that are not aware yet they could be users.


Open by design

10 May 2017

Open by design is more than just factoring in privacy protection, it's about thinking of data as potentially being open throughout its lifecycle, or even before it is created. It's about planning for open data from the moment you start thinking about collecting data.


Automated metadata harvesting of Auckland Council's open transport data

1 May 2017

Early in April (prior to our launch of, Cam Findlay met with Stu Smith and Helen Donaldson from the Auckland Council open data Community of Practice to demo and discuss's new features.

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[video] International Open Data Day 2017, Wellington New Zealand 

7 April 2017

A summary video of the Wellington, New Zealand hackathon held at the National Library of New Zealand for the 2017 International Open Data Day.

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Rapid prototyping with environmental datasets – International Open Data Day 2017 

10 March 2017

International Open Data Day, Wellington was held in the National Library of New Zealand on Saturday, 4th March.  This was one of over 300 events running around the globe at the same time. Over 60 participants signed up to take part with some spending the full day working on innovative projects, others rolling in throughout the day.


Connect the dots - using the government A to Z API for 

2 March 2017

Cam Findlay talks about connecting the A to Z API to populate organisations in upcoming new open data portal. This API is a useful tool that you could make use of anytime you need to reference government agencies in digital services or web application.


The Open Data Game Surprise!

17 February 2017

There are some people out there who would be disappointed if they knew just what they had missed out on....


You're invited to the 2017 Open Data Day Wellington!

17 February 2017 are proud to be a part of this year's Open Data Day hosted at the National Library of New Zealand's space on Saturday 4 March 2017 (mark it in your calendar now!).


Preparing to launch a new catalogue service

14 February 2017 

The data.govt team will be migrating currently listed datasets across to CKAN – the internationally recognised open data catalogue platform – as part of the release of the new


Top 10 datasets

21 December 2016 

In June 2016, the Open Government Information & Data Programme conducted a nationwide survey asking people the top 10 datasets they would like to see released. 


Open Data Charter

21 December 2016 

Open data is a core component of our world’s increasing digital economy, providing opportunity to generate significant social and economic benefits to our society. 


What's on the international open data agenda?

7 November 2016

At the recent International Open Data Conference in Madrid, more than 1,500 people arrived from the far corners of the earth to share knowledge, spark ideas, and set forth new learnings about open data.


Open data events with Pia Waugh

16 September 2016

We recently held two events with Pia Waugh for agencies and industry, on open data in New Zealand – both events were well attended, and included demos of functionality.


Iterating on

30 August 2016

Blog post from the team to update data analysts, wranglers about progress on the beta site – requesting consideration and feedback around new functionality outlined.


Draft technical quality framework

29 August 2016

We are looking for ways to both dramatically improve the experience of finding and using government data for people and to improve the motivations for agencies to improve the quality of data publishing over time.


GovHack 2016 bounties

25 July 2016

The Department of Internal Affairs has sponsored $2,000 bounties for the each of the two following national challenge questions. Candidate entries will be judged on how well they help the public and government policy makers to understand and draw insights on the problems and potential solutions.

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Richard Stirling hangout

11 March 2016

In February and March 2016 Open Data NZ held a series of conversations with leading international open data experts, including Richard Stirling.

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Beth Noveck hangout

5 March 2016

In February and March 2016 Open Data NZ held a series of conversations with leading international open data experts, including Beth Noveck.

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Joel Gurin hangout

26 February 2016

In February and March 2016 Open Data NZ held a series of conversations with leading international open data experts, including Joel Gurin.