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Data stewardship toolkit

Through the stewardship framework and toolkit, the Government Chief Data Steward (GCDS) aims to help government manage and safely share Aotearoa NZ’s data. This toolkit provides access to data stewardship guidance, resources, and tools from across the data system.

The toolkit structure reflects the elements of the data stewardship framework and the different layers of data stewardship in New Zealand (data system, organisations, datasets and individuals).

Stats NZ will collaborate across government to develop the toolkit, leveraging expertise and the good practices already used in many agencies.

Stats NZ will also deepen its understanding of the stewardship needs of organisations and agencies to help identify gaps in the toolkit and prioritise resource development.

Data stewardship framework
Government Chief Data Steward
Data stewardship framework and toolkit [PDF 202 KB]

The toolkit

Below are some of the resources currently available or being developed. (The PDF version of the toolkit displays this information in a table.)

Strategy and culture

A strategy that provides a shared vision and clear direction, and a data culture that enables strategy implementation and sustains good data stewardship practice.

What's available

Rules and settings

Legislation, policies, principles, and sanctions providing boundaries and guiding how the data system should operate.

What's available

Roles, responsibilities, accountabilities

Governance structures, role definitions and expectations, and leadership.

What's available

What's being developed

Data capability and quality

Tools, processes, designs, metadata structures, and platforms for collecting, managing, storing, describing, and sharing data.

What's available

What's being developed

  • National Health Information Platform (Ministry of Health) – data system level.

People capability and literacy

Skills, knowledge, and services for accessing, managing, analysing, and communicating data and insights.

What's available

Influence and advocacy

Effective relationships and networks to endorse, promote, and support good data practice.

What's available

Monitoring and assurance

Assessing environmental trends and developments, measuring stewardship performance, and adapting the stewardship framework to respond to changing circumstances or new information.

What's available

What's being developed

Tell us what you think

Help us refine the data stewardship toolkit.

  • What other resources (currently available or being developed) could be included in the toolkit?
  • What data stewardship challenges do you or your organisation currently face?
  • What resources would help you or your organisation better manage and use data?
  • What else would you like to know?

Contact us

If you’d like more information, have a question, or want to provide feedback, email

Content last reviewed 15 December 2023.