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  • Government Chief Data Steward (GCDS)

    The Government Chief Data Steward role supports the use of data as a resource across government to help deliver better services to New Zealanders. It’s held by the Chief Executive of Stats NZ Mark Sowden.

  • The Government Data Strategy and Roadmap

    The data strategy and roadmap provides a shared direction and plan for New Zealand's data system (the people and organisations that collect and use data in New Zealand).

  • Data Investment Plan

    This page provides a brief overview of the Data Investment Plan, published by the Government Chief Data Steward in December 2022. The Data Investment Plan supports a more systematic approach to government investment in data.

  • Open Data Charter implementation

    New Zealand signed up to the Open Data Charter in 2017. This page provides an overview of our approach to implementing the Charter.

  • Advisory and governance groups

    Advisory and Governance groups exist to lead the data system of Aotearoa. These groups usually include leaders of the Public Service or expert data practitioners.

  • GCDS: COVID-19 data and information support

    Up-to-date links to information, data, and work to support the Aotearoa NZ data system. For instance, the data portal, open data catalogue, data registry, and all-of-government data and information work registry.

  • Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation

    The Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation (CDEI) leads safe data use and ethical data-driven innovation, across government, to build public trust and confidence.