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Mortality: Historical summary of the past 18 months (up to and inclusive of May 2020)

Ministry of Health

Created: 16 Jun 2020  —  Modified 20 Jun 2020 Status: Agency responded (17 Jun 2020) Response: Data does not exist

1 vote

Electoral Boundaries

Electoral Commission

Created: 16 Jun 2020  —  Modified 30 Jun 2020 Status: Agency responded (29 Jun 2020) Response: Awaiting moderation

1 vote

Post code grid references New

New Zealand Post Limited

Created: 12 Jun 2020  —  Modified 16 Jun 2020 Status: Agency notified

1 vote

Unit costs per used capita?

Ministry of Education

Created: 9 Jun 2020  —  Modified 11 Jun 2020 Status: Agency responded (11 Jun 2020) Response: More information required about request

0 votes

Accidents in Workplace (time of day they occurred) New

Accident Compensation Corporation

Created: 4 Jun 2020  —  Modified 22 Jun 2020 Status: Agency notified (5 Jun 2020)

1 vote

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What non-personal, non-secure government held data would you like to be made available to the public for re-use?

You can request data by filling out this online form. While we welcome your data request we cannot guarantee it will be fulfilled. Your request will be moderated and forwarded to the most likely responsible government agency (Likely source agency). We will invite them to respond to your request via this website.

Please note that whether any given dataset is appropriate for release is a matter for the agency holding it. Datasets containing personal or otherwise sensitive information will not be listed on

Please be as specific as you can about the data, and the type of formats, you are requesting.
This helps the government agency responsible for this data understand why it is important to release it.
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