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Privacy, security, and confidentiality

  • Data privacy

    You need to understand data privacy if you are working with data about people. The Privacy Act 2020 provides rules that you must comply with when collecting and using the data.

  • How to carry out a privacy impact assessment on your dataset

    A privacy impact assessment (PIA) is a tool used by agencies to help them identify and assess the privacy risks arising from their collection, use or handling of personal information. A PIA will also propose ways to mitigate or minimise these risks.

  • Controlling access to your data to keep it safe

    Protecting the confidentiality of information people supply is essential to retaining public trust and confidence in the system. Without cooperation, willingness to provide data can be too low and threaten its accuracy or the usefulness.

  • Managing people’s requests to correct data you hold about them

    If you collect information about people you may get requests to correct that information. Knowing your responsibilities and having a system for managing corrections will improve data quality and ensure your legal responsibilities are fulfilled.

  • Understanding data confidentiality

    Data confidentiality relates to whether individuals, households, or businesses can be identified within the data.