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Open Data NZ: Data and information for New Zealand
Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) hosts New Zealand’s cross-government Open Government Information and Data Programme (Open Data NZ). In promoting open government data and information, Open Data NZ is key in helping New Zealand maintain its strong history of having an open and transparent government. This supports New Zealand’s commitment to increase public participation and transparency as a member of the Open Government Partnership.

Work programme

Open Data NZ's work includes:

  1. leading the work that has placed New Zealand sixth in the Open Data Barometer global rankings for readiness, implementation and impact of open data
  2. working with government agencies on the supply side to support, inform, troubleshoot and advise on their release of open government data
  3. working with users of open government data (both within and outside government) on the demand side to understand and represent their data needs, troubleshoot and connect them with relevant government contacts
  4. representing New Zealand government in the international open data community – including membership of the Open Data Institute Leaders’ Network and the Open Data Charter Stewards’ Group
  5. supporting local initiatives using open government data, such as GovHackInternational Open Data Day and the Open Government Ninjas online group.

Data champions

Shifting the culture to an 'open by default' approach remains the main challenge to the open data ecosystem. Each government agency is encouraged to appoint an executive data champion to lead the release of open data across their organisation. Data champions are also a key point of contact for other government agencies and external users.

The Data Champion Network is a key part of the work to release open data across the New Zealand government. Data champions provide core entry points into an agency and ensure engagement at the right level, in the right way.

If you're interested in appointing a data champion for your agency, becoming a data champion or connecting with the data champion community, email

Connect with Open Data NZ

Read the Open Data NZ newsletter, or connect with Open Data NZ on Twitter or YouTube, or at a Meetup.

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General open data newsletters

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Local government open data newsletters

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Consultations and reports

Open Data NZ runs public consultations on topics of interest to digital communities, and releases reports about projects or programmes they run.

You can access the reports and more information on our blog: 

  1. Joel Gurin hangout
  2. Beth Noveck hangout
  3. Richard Stirling hangout
  4. Top 10 datasets (survey)
  5. NZGOAL – software extension (public consultation)
  6. International Open Data Charter (public consultation)
  7. Code for Aotearoa open data fellowships (report)
  8. Open Data NZ 2016 overview (report) 

Read more about Open Data NZ's engagement activities.