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Manage data

  • Data stewardship

    Creating a joined-up, consistent, and transparent approach around how government collects, manages, and uses the data it holds on behalf of New Zealanders. This includes developing data policy, infrastructure, strategy, and planning as well as ensuring agencies have the capability and right skills to maximise the value they get from data.

  • Data content standards

    Improving data content practices across government agencies will enable more efficient and effective sharing of data, within existing privacy and security settings.

  • Privacy and security

    Government holds a vast amount of data on behalf of New Zealanders. When used securely – protecting privacy and confidentiality – and with New Zealand’s trust and confidence, data can provide rich insights about us and our communities. Ensuring data is collected and managed in a way that protects people’s privacy and is secure from unauthorised access.

  • Policies

    The policies, principles, and frameworks guiding the way agency’s manage and use data.

  • Step by step guides

    Step by step guides to help you work through processes involved with managing and releasing data.

  • Releasing data on

    Guidance and tutorials on using the catalogue to publish open data listings. This includes a helpful checklist, general user help and specific 'how to' articles for New Zealand government agencies listing open datasets.