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Read inspiring New Zealand stories about innovative projects that use open data. You can also hear about the challenges, successes and benefits of initiatives to publish open data.


InfoConnect is an NZTA initiative to help ensure road users have access to timely and accurate road condition information.The ultimate aim of InfoConnect is to help empower road users to make their own travel choices and decisions.
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Screenshot of CamperMate homepage.


CamperMate is a smart phone application created by a company called Mogeo, and is available at providing information about local facilities to campers/travellers throughout New Zealand.
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Screenshot of the Infoshare homepage.


Infoshare, a self-service open online data tool on Stats NZ’s website, contains over 30 million aggregated, confidentialised, time-series data.
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Screenshot of the Tier 1 statistics homepage on the Stats NZ website.

Official statistics

Tier 1 statistics are New Zealand’s most important statistics, and are essential to help the Government, business, and members of the public to make informed decisions and monitor the state and progress of New Zealand.
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Screenshot of the 2006 Census homepage.

2006 Census

The census is one of New Zealand’s most important data sources. Statistics NZ released aggregated, confidentialised data from the 2006 Census including information on age, ethnicity, income, workplace, dwelling size and other variables.
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Screenshot of the economic indicators homepage on the Stats NZ website.

Economic indicators

Economic indicators data is regularly released by Statistics NZ. Most of these indicators are updated on a quarterly and annual basis.
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