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Read inspiring New Zealand stories about innovative projects that use open data. You can also hear about the challenges, successes and benefits of initiatives to publish open data.

Where are mobility car parks?

CCS Disability in partnership with SaferMe developed the Access Aware app so you can see the location of mobility car parks on a map (and more).
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How can workers stay safe?

SaferMe uses data to warn people about hazards and risks at work.
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Where do your rates go?

Environment Canterbury partnered with Orbica to create an online tool, opening up their rating data to engage with the public and show how funds are spent in the community.
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WCC Te Papa case study

Serendipity: the hidden value of open data

Te Papa has used Wellington City Council's freely available cyber twin of Wellington City so museum visitors can explore the impact of tsunamis.
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Image of woman's face overlaid with binary code.

Open source software release saves nearly $1m

The Social Investment Agency and released code for their Social Investment Analytical Layer leading to considerable savings and faster research.
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Screenshot of the homepage.

Local councils presents data from New Zealand’s 78 local authorities, in a consistent format that enables it to be compared and analysed.
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Screenshot: home page of New Zealand Legislation website.

New Zealand Legislation website

Providing access to legislation is a fundamental part of the PCO’s role – and in 2008 they launched the New Zealand Legislation website. The site provides free access to legislation, including up-to-date reprints of Acts and Legislative Instruments.
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Screenshot from the Register showing annual returns for a charity.

Charities Register

In 2011 Charities Services (then the Charities Commission) made advanced search functionality available for the Charities Register and licensed the data for re-use under a Creative Commons BY licence.
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Screenshot showing map of Christchurch with sample values and options.

Affordability in NZ

This open source web application uses open government data and a mapping interface to enable people to find out which suburbs will be most affordable for them.
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craft beer 1

Craft Beer Industry Insights

The ANZ Bank uses open data to create craft beer industry insight reports that inform investment, enable evidence-based business decision making and foster consumer loyalty.
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Screenshot of LINZ map with markers that can be clicked to show information.

NZ tides prediction data

LINZ is provides charts and hydrographic services producing specialised nautical charts to aid safe navigation in New Zealand waters and certain areas of Antarctica and the South West Pacific.
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Thundermaps - Staying safe from hazards around you

An app that aims to make workplaces safer by showing nearby dangers, so employees can be prepared and keep themselves safe.
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Screenshot of homepage. - Helping Kiwis make smart property decisions

An online property tool that gives homeowners an easy and free way to search for property data.
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Automated car showing computerised adjustments for ABS, braking and speed.

HERE Maps - The changing face of automotive navigation

In our rapidly changing digital world, new technologies are driving our futures. The next stage in the evolution of the car is driverless cars - and they are just around the corner.
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Screenshot from School Finder. Shows schools in a region and school information.

School Finder

In 2009 The Ministry of Education Te Tāhuhu o te Mātauranga built School Finder – an application that uses Google Maps to present up-to-date information about schools.
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Screenshot of web page map interface showing game preference options.


This web tool and app helps hunters and adventurers in New Zealand plan their trips and increases safety.
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Image of fibre optic cables.

Dumpark - Making data and information accessible

Turning data into visual narratives to share and help people understand complex information.
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Image of paper circles.

Open source licence guidance for the New Zealand Government through public participation

Valuable guidance on the licensing and release of publicly funded software as open source (publicly accessible and legally re-usable).The policy is an extension to the popular NZGOAL framework for licensing in government.
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Image of strands of netting.

Kamo Place Race - Town planning made lean and agile

When the Whangarei District Council’s District Planning Team started thinking about a new Town Plan for Kamo, New Zealand, they wanted to make it meaningful to the people most affected – the people who live there.
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Abstract image of points of light.

ANZ Truckometer

Using the volume of traffic on state highways as an indicator of the momentum of our economy
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Image of light.

DigitalNZ - Making it easy to find New Zealand’s digital treasures

Finding material online can be a complicated and confusing process, especially when looking for New Zealand content. DigitalNZ provides one simple place to access this type of content.
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Photo of trees reflected in water.

LAWA - Connecting with New Zealand’s environment through data

Land, Air, Water Aotearoa (LAWA) is a collaboration of organisations with a common aim: to tell the story of our environment.
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Blurred image of greenery.

Nest Finder - Accessing essential travel information while on the road

When tourists are travelling around New Zealand, there is a vast amount of information they need to access including where to stay and what to see. This is where the handy Nest Finder app comes in.
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Abstract image of paint.

State of the Nation - Telling a different story about the nation

The Salvation Army has published its independent monitoring report, ‘State of the Nation’, for the past eight years. This aims to encourage public debate around New Zealand’s social progress.
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Screenshot of hydrographic images in LINZ Data Service.

LINZ Data Service

LINZ Data Service (LDS) holds more than 40 groupings of data on New Zealand’s land and sea.
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Screenshot of the industry benchmarking tool homepage on the Inland Revenue website.

Industry Benchmarking Tool

The Industry Benchmarking Tool is a joint initiative between Statistics NZ and Inland Revenue to provide information on the financial performance of businesses in 45 industries.
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Screenshots of MarineMate app.

MarineMate app

The app contains: Tide timetables using the Nautical Almanac from Land Information NZ, Boat ramps, 5 knot zones, mooring zones, etc from each council Notices to Mariners from each council and from Land Information NZ, Bylaws from each council.
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Screenshot of PositioNZ homepage.

PositioNZ GNSS Data

LINZ releases two forms of GNSS data from the PositioNZ network; static data and real-time data. The static data is used by surveyors to determine accurate positions once they have returned from the field, a technique called post-processing.
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Screenshot of the Mogeo homepage, featuring the NZ Fishing Rules app.


Mogeo, an app development company based in Christchurch, creates mobile application solutions to business delivery problems clients have identified.
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Screenshot of ECan's open public transport data homepage.

Environment Canterbury Public Transport Open Data

In May 2005, Environment Canterbury began releasing public transport data for re-use. The data includes route details, bus stop locations, scheduling details, as well as the real time bus estimated time of arrivals (ETAs).
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Wellington City Council Geospatial Open Data

In April 2010, WCC began licensing and releasing geospatial data for re-use. This includes aerial photos, historic maps, boundaries, contour lines, building footprints, utility networks, hazard information and locations of WCC facilities.
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Screenshot of the Land Cover Database homepage.

Land Cover Database

The Land Cover Database (LCDB), available to users of the Land Resource Information System (LRIS) portal offers environment data held by Landcare Research for re-use in GIS and mapping applications.
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Screenshot of the GeoNet homepage.


GeoNet provide free access to high quality and timely data and information for emergency management, research, industry use and to the public.
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Screenshot of the InfoConnect homepage.


InfoConnect is an NZTA initiative to help ensure road users have access to timely and accurate road condition information.The ultimate aim of InfoConnect is to help empower road users to make their own travel choices and decisions.
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Screenshot of CamperMate homepage.


CamperMate is a smart phone application created by a company called Mogeo, and is available at providing information about local facilities to campers/travellers throughout New Zealand.
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Screenshot of the Infoshare homepage.


Infoshare, a self-service open online data tool on Stats NZ’s website, contains over 30 million aggregated, confidentialised, time-series data.
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Screenshot of the Tier 1 statistics homepage on the Stats NZ website.

Official statistics

Tier 1 statistics are New Zealand’s most important statistics, and are essential to help the Government, business, and members of the public to make informed decisions and monitor the state and progress of New Zealand.
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Screenshot of the 2006 Census homepage.

2006 Census

The census is one of New Zealand’s most important data sources. Statistics NZ released aggregated, confidentialised data from the 2006 Census including information on age, ethnicity, income, workplace, dwelling size and other variables.
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Screenshot of the economic indicators homepage on the Stats NZ website.

Economic indicators

Economic indicators data is regularly released by Statistics NZ. Most of these indicators are updated on a quarterly and annual basis.
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