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A Framework and process for opening data, part 2


What we’re up to next at NZTA

Aimee Whitcroft – Open Data Establishment Lead, New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA)

In our last blog post about the open data work we’re doing at NZTA, we introduced the first version of our open data framework, and some of the higher-level processes associated with it.

A framework and processes for opening data

After a few rounds of testing, iterating and optimising, we’ve reached a really exciting point: we’re ready to begin implementation.

This doesn’t mean the framework and processes are now preserved in amber, never to change. It means that we’re ready to start working widely through the organisation, to:

  • map data and business flows in the teams who manage / release open data
  • adapt and integrate the processes we’ve designed so they’re fit for purpose for each of those teams.

Mostly, this means we’re going to look for natural points into which to weave the processes, while still ensuring that they produce the same documentation and outcomes across the organisation. This will make compliance as frictionless as possible, and help us ensure we’re always working to iterate and optimise.

As part of this, we’re releasing not only the next version of the framework, but also the detailed processes we’ve designed.

They’re not complex, nor complicated. And we felt it was important to hold true to our open by default values by sharing these documents, so anyone can use and adapt and share them, too.

We hope they’ll help organisations across NZ and more widely release more, high quality open data, and contribute to the conversation.

If you have any questions or comments, please do let us know!

Open data framework and processes – NZTA, 2019 [ZIP 706 KB]

Contents of the ZIP file

  • nzta_open_data_framework_2019 _diagrams_public_copy_v1_nov_2019.pptx
  • nzta_open_data_framework_and_processes_2019_overview_public copy_v1_nov_2019.docx
  • nzta_open_data_toolkit_2019_public_copy_v1_nov_2019.xlsx

(Note that formatting may change due to version of software used to open these files). 

Open data practitioner's monthly catchup – update

The meetups are going well, and open data practitioners – whether in government or not – are still most welcome. If you’re keen to join in, feel free to pop us an email to discuss :)

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