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How to respond to a data request offers a data request form so that people can ask agencies for datasets they would like to see be made available as open data. This guide helps agencies to use the response features built into to resolve a data request they have received.

Learning outcomes

  • Reply to a data request using the built in features of
  • Work through the process of resolving a request.
  • Understand that the initial response to a request should be treated like an Official Information Act (OIA) request.


1. A data request from the public will be moderated by the team and then posted in the Data Requests section of

2. Your agency will also receive a notification about the request if the requestor has nominated the agency as the likely source agency for the data.

The notification will look something like:

Action required data request agency email example


We recommend you treat such requests like an OIA and also in alignment with NZGOAL framework.

The following are useful references to government policy on open data release to be familiar with:

3. Once you’re ready to make your response, click the link provided in the ACTION REQUIRED email, which will look similar to the link highlighted in the below image:

Response form link in action required email


4. You will be taken to a response page on The bottom right, you’ll be able to make your response by selecting a status, entering further contact information and comments:

Agency response form screenshot

The status options include:

  • Request received
  • More information required about request
  • Investigating options
  • Preparing data for release
  • Dataset submitted
  • Escalated
  • Data not available for release
  • Data not suitable for release
  • Data does not exist
  • Different agency responsible, please provide additional information
  • Other, please provide additional information

These options will often require follow ups from your agency or the requestor.

You can also make additional comments in the Additional information space further down the page:

Additional information comment box

5. Once you have finished entering your response information, click Update.

6. The team will then moderate and post your response. The original requester and any subscribers will be notified of the update.


Remember to follow up if required, and if you need any further advice on responding to a request, get in touch with us at