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Terms of reference: IRC

Mandated Standards Implementation and Review Committee: terms of reference [PDF 87KB]



The purpose of the IRC is to provide advice from an agency or organisation perspective on whether a standard should be mandated for use across Public Service Departments and Departmental Agencies.

The views of the organisations represented will be considered by the Information Group (IG) when deciding whether to endorse a standard to become mandatory. The role of the IRC in the mandating process is not a technical review of the content of a standard.


Core membership

Core members of the IRC will be representatives from Public Service Departments and Departmental Agencies who will be mandated to adopt the standard. It is the role of these members to provide insight into how their agency collects, publishes, and shares data on the proposed topic. Members will also be required to come up with a plan for their agency to implement the standard if it becomes mandated.

The IRC member will be able to:

  • represent their organisation’s views
  • support a bid for internal funding if the standard requires resource or system updates etc.
  • liaise within their organisation to understand the impact of implementing the proposed standard
  • assign work or delegate requests for more technical information to other members of their organisation.

Advisory membership

Advisory membership is by invitation. The IG, Stats NZ, and IRC members will be able to recommend advisory members with interest in the candidate standard being discussed.

Advisory members will have the role of considering the implications of the proposed mandated standard for the organisation or group they represent.

Roles and responsibilities

The role of IRC members is to:

  • respond to requests for information on how their agency collects, publishes, and shares data on topics
  • develop an implementation plan for the standard
  • recommend the standard for endorsement
  • respond to requests for information on implementation progress
  • respond to requests to identify if the base standard needs updating, if the mandate for the standard needs to be retired, or if the standard is still fit for use.

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Content last reviewed 17 August 2023.