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How do I add or update our Chief Executive expenses?

Public Service Commission ask agencies to disclose their Departmental Secretary or Chief Executive Expenses at least annually. allows you to self-manage the update process to the CE Expenses datasets. This allows agencies to publish faster and meet the disclosure deadline.


  1. Apply for a data publisher account on behalf of your agency. The team will then confirm and send your login details.
  2. Login to the catalogue once you have your publisher account details. You can login using the 'Publisher login' link at the bottom of any page on
    Screenshot highlighting Publisher login link at bottom of webpage
  3. Find your agency’s Chief Executive expenses dataset, you can find it by using the search bar on the top of the page, or listed under your organisation.

    Most agencies will already have a dataset already listed on, so please search first. But if your agency does not have an expenses dataset already listed, please see the  instructions on how to add a new dataset.

  4. Visit the dataset listing while logged in.
  5. On the upper right of the dataset page, click Manage:
    dataset page view example highlighting manage button
  6. Check the details of the dataset (the metadata) are correct and up to date, specifically:
    • Title - use the following convention: "[Agency Name] Chief Executive expenses". DO NOT include dates in your Title. You can include dates in your Resource Name (see step 10).
    • Maintainer details
    • Update frequency
    • Description
    • License (usually a Creative Commons license)
    • Tags
    • Source (the link where the data is listed on your agency site)

    If you make any changes at this stage, be sure to save them by clicking Update Dataset at the bottom of the page.

  7. Next, add a new resource (a resource is a link directly to the file containing the dataset, for example a CSV or Excel file) by clicking on the Resources tab next to Edit metadata:

    Dataset metadata page view example highlighting resources tab
  8. Click Add new resource.

    Resource page view highlighting Add new resource button
  9. Link to the file (by copying the link of the file where it is hosted on your agency’s website) or you can Upload the file.

    New resource page view highlighting file upload and URL link buttons
  10. Enter in a Name for the resource. Here you can include dates, e.g. 'Expenses for July 2017 to June 2018'
  11. Enter a Description (optional).
  12. Enter in the Format (file type) (Excel or CSV format recommended) (the data portal will also try to automatically assign the file type if you leave this blank).
  13. Click Add and you have made your update.

Reordering resources

If you wish to reorder how the files, or resources, are listed in your dataset:

  1. Log in to your publisher account and find your dataset.
  2. Click Manage.

    dataset page view example highlighting manage button
  3. Click on the Resources tab.

    Dataset metadata page view example highlighting resources tab
  4. Click on Reorder resources button.

    Screenshot highlighting the 'Reorder resources' button
  5. You will now be able to click and drag the resources to the order you want:

    Screenshot showing drag options
  6. Click Save order:

    Screenshot highlighting the 'Save order' button

Further information 

For information and assistance with the disclosure process see SSC's website

For help with publishing your Chief Executive Expenses you contact us.