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Report provides valuable insights into algorithm use

Algorithm report 2

A first-of-its-kind report by the Government Chief Data Steward and the Government Chief Digital Officer provides valuable insights into the use of algorithms (the automatic decision-making processes used by computer programs to identify patterns in data) in government agencies. 

Key findings

Based on the use of algorithms in 14 agencies, the report highlights how algorithms help agencies to deliver better policies and services by giving a better understanding of what works and for whom.

Supporting case studies showcase how algorithms are already enabling innovative solutions to complex problems. 

The report also suggests how the use of algorithms can be improved for both fairness and transparency and serves as a reminder of the need to take care in their use. 

A one-page summary [PDF 151KB] of the report’s findings is also available.


Recommendations include:

  • maintaining human oversight
  • involving those who will be affected
  • promoting transparency and awareness
  • reviewing (regularly) algorithms that inform significant decisions
  • monitoring for adverse effects.

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