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Help move open data forward with NZ’s first open data framework for transport

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Screenshot of the open data framework ideas wall, with ideas sorted by popularity.

We're building Aotearoa NZ's first, collaboratively-developed, voluntary open data framework, for the transport sector, and we want to hear from you!

A transport open data framework for Aotearoa New Zealand – ideas wall

What will the framework do?

The intent of the framework is to align efforts, prevent wheel reinvention, enable prioritisation and help embed sound governance and risk-mitigation practices, within and between organisations and the wider transport community. It's based on the principles of the international Open Data Charter, to which Aotearoa NZ is a signatory, and has a number of suggested priorities and actions.

Open Data Charter principles and other NZ open data policies

Signing up will be completely voluntary, and open to any organisation who wants to. We're not looking to be prescriptive here.


As the amount of data grows, so does the value of opening as much of it as possible. With great power comes great responsibility... We need to mature our thinking and practices around data, including open data.

As part of that – because we love a good, open experiment – a bunch of us in government in the transport sector thought developing an open data framework would be both useful and fun. Especially – and this is part of the experiment – as we would design the rough initial strawperson of the framework, and then put it out into the public for anyone and everyone to see and get involved with.

No drafts going back and forth. No polishing before it goes out. No black-box consultations. Open kōrero, openly held. We want this to be something that the whole sector owns, from individuals to community groups to academia, the private sector, government and more.

Count me in! How do I contribute?

Head over to the ideas wall and put your thoughts into words.

A transport open data framework for Aotearoa New Zealand – ideas wall

You can:

  • upvote or downvote the suggested priorities and actions
  • comment on those ideas
  • add your own ideas by clicking on one of the 6 overarching principles at the top left of the ideas wall.

Please also spread the word through all of your networks – the more, the merrier.

Comments are open until the end of November. Then, we’ll gather what you told us and produce NZ’s first, collaboratively-developed, voluntary open data framework. Of course, this is an experiment, so we’re not sure how it will go. Whatever happens, though, we’ll learn and continue to #iterate and #optimise. Exciting times!

Contact us

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me at We’re looking forward to seeing your comments and votes!

About the author

aimee is a nationally and internationally known advocate for what she calls #openX – open data, open government, open access, open source and so on. She's been involved personally and professionally in these ecosystems for many years, as well as having worked in management consulting, science, communications, technology and foresight. She's passionate about engaging with people and communities to help build a stronger, kinder, more resilient Aotearoa NZ.

She is open data lead at Waka Kotahi, co-founder of the transport open data working group, an advisory board member for the international Open Data Charter, a research advisory committee member for the Global Data Barometer, a Councillor for InternetNZ, and has various other advisory roles in Aotearoa and beyond.



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