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Our why, what, how, and who

The vision, strategic position, and key business objectives describe why we exist, what we hope to achieve, and how our focus compares to other government websites. Our values, personality, and tone of voice describe who we are and the way we work. 

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Our vision

The value of and access to government data is maximised through active stewardship for the benefit of Aotearoa NZ. aims to:

  • enable and encourage government organisations to raise their data capability and align data practices
  • demonstrate the value of data as a tool for empowerment, growth, and decision making
  • improve the stewardship, visibility, access, and reuse of government data in or for Aotearoa NZ.

Like and, is an all-of-government website.

Strategic position

  • provides guidance on data management/stewardship practices for government organisations in Aotearoa NZ, to increase capability, co-ordinate data practice, and realise our vision in which government data practices are both FAIR, responsible, and maximise the value of government data for Aotearoa NZ
  • maintains a publicly accessible all-of-government data catalogue to increase findability, access, and reuse of government data
  • publishes government data-related news, case studies, and opinion pieces to raise awareness, cultivate excitement, and start conversation
  • demonstrates data system leadership by providing the Government Chief Data Steward with a channel to facilitate, partner with, and support agencies.

FAIR data principles

Our performance measures

We work continually to improve the metrics we use to measure our value and performance.

For the moment, these include:

  • volume of traffic to the site – both to the catalogue and the guidance material
  • volume of two-way communication.

Our values and personality

We aim to:

  • take a holistic approach to needs of the entire data system - we are an all-of-government asset
  • offer advice and guidance that is informed, pragmatic, reliable, honest and unbiased
  • collaborate and lead by empowering others - we work across and with, not from above.

Our tone of voice

Our content will be human.

This includes, but isn’t limited to, being:

  • friendly and approachable
  • plain language
  • authentic
  • informal
  • encouraging
  • confident
  • helpful
  • warm and engaging
  • respectful.

Decision-making authority and governance

Stats NZ and the Department of Internal Affairs share responsibility for Direct responsiblity for certain aspects of the website may fall to one specific party, but ultimately, both parties consult and include each other in a form of joint decision making.

Stats NZ
The Department of Internal Affairs

The product owner, located at DIA, oversees the product vision, strategy, and roadmap of the overarching web product. They are also directly responsible for the technical aspects of the product, both the Common Web Platform (CWP - content) and CKAN (data catalogue) instance. Individual agencies are responsible for loading their data records and maintaining their listings.

The Common Web Platform

The content lead is directly responsible for the content on the CWP (guidance) side of the website. This includes maintaining the content strategy and style guide. A senior manager (Stats NZ) must approve of each major change to this content strategy.

The Portfolio Governance Group at DIA will make decisions on fundamental technical and design changes requiring developer resources. If needed, decision-making will be escalated to the Government Chief Data Steward (GCDS) and Government Chief Digital Officer (GCDO).

Government Chief Data Steward
Government Chief Digital Officer

Contact us

If you’d like more information, have a question, or want to provide feedback, email

Content last reviewed 20 August 2020.