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Open data in New Zealand

Learn about the New Zealand government agencies and initiatives supporting open data.

Government initiatives

Open Government Partnership

Within the New Zealand government, the move towards open data has been spearheaded by the Open Government and Data Programme (Open Data NZ), (Department of Internal Affairs) and Statistics New Zealand. These groups are currently working on commitments 3 and 4 of the Open Government Partnership New Zealand's National Action Plan 2016–18: improving open data access and principles, and tracking progress and outcomes of government open data release.

Open Government Data Programme (Open Data NZ)

Stats NZ hosts New Zealand’s cross-government Open Government Data Programme (Open Data NZ). Open Data NZ takes a collaborative approach to making government-held data and information widely available for agencies, communities and businesses to reuse. is a directory of publicly available New Zealand government datasets, hosted by the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA). The site focuses on machine-readable (well-structured and open) datasets, but recognises that 'grey' data (for example, web pages) can still be of use to developers and others. Open Data NZ works with agencies to release their data as open, and DIA works with agencies to improve data formatting.

Stats NZ

Stats NZ gathers data on many topics – including income, housing, the environment, the economy, education and social well-being – which is released as open data.

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