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Identifying and drafting requirements

A cross-government community of practice (CoP), made up of representatives from over 30 government organisations, meets approximately every 3 months to discuss and prioritise the data concepts that have been collected from across government. Prioritisation is based on the expected benefit to the data system.

After prioritisation we ask for volunteers from the CoP to form working groups to work on the top priority data concepts. Each working group discusses and evaluates existing base standards for their concept. Once they agree on a specific base standard they, supported by Stats NZ, draft the data content requirement for their concept.

Each data content requirement aims to provide a short summary of the chosen existing or base standard. It should include only the key information that users will need and then point to the full base standard for further information.

At any one time we may have up to 3 working groups active on 3 different concepts.

Co-designing requirements across government

Register of government data content standards

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Last updated 30 April 2020