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Open Data, Open Potential 2020

6 Mar 2020 13:00 to 16:00 at Te Wharewaka o P┼Źneke, Wellington

fabio oyXis2kALVg unsplash

The future is in our hands.

Be informed, challenged and inspired by an afternoon of discussion and debate. Open Data, Open Potential is your window on the future of open data.

  • Carlos Rozo of Colombia will share the fascinating story how open data has impacted Colombia and taken them 10 places ahead of New Zealand on the OECD OURdata Index
Carlos Rozo, Colombia

Carlos Rozo

  • Learn how Deborah Lemon of Navigate Your Way helps people help themselves with open data from the Ministry of Social Development and Department of Internal Affairs.
  • Hear Chris Mardon of Hamilton City Council discuss his role driving Open by Design culture change in the Waikato Local Government sector.
  • Finish the afternoon with an expert panel on the future of open data. Our panelists are:
    • Suzanne Snively, Chair, Transparency International New Zealand
    • Keitha Booth, ex-Director of the Open Government Data & Information Programme
    • Evelyn Wareham, Chief Data and Insights Officer, MBIE
    • Emma Naji, Executive Director, AI Forum


If you have missed out on a ticket or you are outside of Wellington, please join in the Livestream at:

If you want to ask a question, we'll be taking some questions on the day via #odop

Main photo by Fabio on Unsplash