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Overseas Merchandise Trade statistics

These releases provide statistics on the value of New Zealand's merchandise trade with the rest of the world.

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  • Date of creation:  Unknown
  • Date last updated:  29 April 2015
  • Frequency of update:  Monthly


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Dataset Reuses

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  • 100 Companies by Alex Gibson & Graham Jenson

    100 Companies is a fresh perspective of New Zealand's current economic situation, it allows users to view New Zealand's economy and adjust determining factors that affect our prosperity. Our overall goal is to dispel some of the myths used to justify some current policies, and inform the public to consequences of governmental decisions. We dispel myths surrounding the key questions “what happens if we increase tourism?”, “What happens if we increase dairy?”, “how long will our resources last?”, “what does New Zealand actually make”, and most importantly "What do we need to invest in to make New Zealand Prosperous?". To answer these questions we have collected data from numerous sources (including government, industry and academia), aggregated the knowledge into New Zealand specific standards (NZSIC, NZHIC), and modelled our projections using reasonable assumptions. To present this information we use intuitive, interactive data visualisation techniques, and the latest web standards available. We aimed to portray the information and visualisation in an original, appealing manner for general consumption. We’ll have achieved what we set out to do if this visualisation informs people’s decisions about tourism, dairy, mining, manufacturing and New Zealand’s way forward.

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