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Public Service Workforce Data

Information in this report comes primarily from the HRC survey, which collects payroll data on staff in all 28 Public Service departments. The survey has been conducted annually since the year 2000. The SSC has a statutory role of employing Public Service chief executives and reviewing their performance. The HRC survey provides insights into performance from a Human Resource Information System (HRIS) perspective. This report provides information about characteristics and trends within the Public Sector, and provides an extra level of analysis of the Public Service in the five main topic areas: Workforce Career Remuneration Diversity Workplace. The survey data is a resource for agencies to use in benchmarking themselves with other agencies, sectors and the Public Service as a whole. HRC information also feeds into university research, parliamentary questions, international benchmarks on government performance, policy advice and is an example of the Public Service's commitment to open government

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  • Date of creation:  1 November 2016
  • Date last updated:  Annual
  • Frequency of update:  Annually


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