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Share your story

Have you launched an app/website/tool - or published research - that uses open data? Would you like to share your story, so others can learn from you and get inspired about the potential of open data?

We’re looking for new case studies for this site. Please take a few minutes to fill out this online form – or email us: if you’d like to talk in person.

List the datasets and provide a link for each, if possible.
Think about economic and business benefits / environmental benefits / social benefits.
Is it being used in any unexpected ways?
If possible, provide some statistics on registrations, downloads, page views etc. (Include the date the data was extracted, too.)
Ie, What’s your ‘open data wishlist’?
Future development plans for the tool.


Your name, email and phone number won't be published on the website - we need them so we can contact you if we have any questions about the case study, and so we can get you to check it when we finish writing it up.