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Add datasets

We welcome your assistance in shaping You can suggest a dataset already published by government agencies in a re-usable machine-readable format to be added to the list. If you're a government agency with one or more datasets that can be listed on, please complete and submit the form on the "submit dataset" tab for each dataset.

If your agency has multiple datasets you can use an ATOM feed to automatically list and update them on Use our feed schema and feed creation spreadsheet to create valid xml files. Once you have created the file and uploaded it to your website then send us the link to the file.

ATOM feed schema V1.0 (Excel, 22KB)
ATOM feed creation spreadsheet V1.3 (Excel, 106KB)

The following version of the spreadsheet allows agencies to assign different contacts to individual datasets.

ATOM feed multiowner feed creation spreadsheet V1.0 (Excel, 48KB)


Please note: Datasets containing unpublished personal, or otherwise sensitive, information will not be listed on We don't include records of data available only in PDF format.

Important notice - Chief Executive Expenses

Agencies may now opt to disclose their Chief Executive Expenses annually. For information and assistance with the disclosure process see SSC's website. If you are adding the latest Chief Executive Expenses to, please update your existing record. It's faster for you, and doesn't make work for us! Search by agency name or use the catalogue to find an existing record.

Submit Dataset

Submit Dataset
This is the URL of the webpage where the dataset can be downloaded from
Comma separated e.g. Statistics, Legal, Geo, Crime, Health, School etc.
Available formats and reuse rights are required fields.

For information on applying Creative Commons licences to public sector copyright works (including datasets), see New Zealand Government Open Access and Licensing framework (NZGOAL).

For more general information on Creative Commons in New Zealand, see the Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand website.

Regular update cycles for the dataset
Agency information will be displayed on the published dataset page.